The Union:The film Bringing It Home carries a well-crafted “Hemp is hope” message. It reveals seriously silly obstacles to the profound contributions industrial hemp could make to America’s future if it were legal to grow it. ”

Local documentary makes the case for hemp | The Herald-Sun: “… humorous, educational, and at times, infuriating. The infuriating part has nothing to do with the film itself, but what Booker and Johnson are documenting. The 1970 federal Controlled Substances Act made growing hemp illegal.”

LA YOGA: Film review

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Ecoevolution Interview with Producer/Director Linda Booker

Bringing It Home Receives Park Foundation Grant for Audience Engagement Campaign and Screenings.

February 01, 2013 – Bringing It Home, a new documentary film about industrial hemp, was recently awarded a prestigious grant from The Park Foundation to support a grassroots screening tour and audience engagement campaign in 2013. The Park Foundation supports a very limited number of grants to individual documentary projects related to civil society and democracy, environment and animal welfare.

The documentary’s audience engagement campaign will magnify dialogue about about hemp as a beneficial crop in order to facilitate  America’s transition to a more informed, sustainable, and healthy  future. The filmmakers are seeking unique community partnerships and screening venues, such as food co-ops, farms, town halls, organic restaurants, civic and faith groups as well as targeted outreach to colleges across the U.S., primarily institutions with sustainable business, agriculture, and environmental conservation programs to organize events. Bringing It Home  will be partnering with organizations Hemp History Week and Vote Hemp to kick off  screenings in June 2013.

Bringing It Home is a fiscally sponsored project of the Southern Documentary Fund, a non-profit organization that encourages the production of documentary projects about the American South and by documentary artists living in the region.


Producer Linda Booker joins builder of Florida’s first Hemp Home on WGCU/SW Florida NPR

November 28, 2012: The passage of ballot initiatives in Washington and Colorado has enlivened the national debate over the legality of marijuana, but there’s another far less controversial use for cannabis plants that’s gaining ground: Hemp as an industrial building material. Bringing It Home Producer Linda Booker discusses the issue with Bob Clayton, the man behind Florida’s first hemp house. Listen to Program Here.


Hemp Lifestyle Magazine features Bringing It Home’s Filmmakers

October 2012: Linda Booker & Blaire Johnson are the filmmakers behind the soon to be completed documentary, Bringing It Home. We featured the story behind the documentary in October 2011 (Bringing hemp building to the big screen) and since then Linda and Blaire have had a whirlwind schedule to complete filming on time. Here is an update on what has been happening for them over the past 12 months. Read More.


Hemp History Week 2012 Press Event

June 06, 2012, Culver City, CA: Members of the media were invited to enjoy a delicious hemp-packed dinner at the renowned Akasha Restaurant and learn about the benefits of hemp foods from high-profile experts. A preview trailer of Bringing It Home was shown with Director Linda Booker in attendance. Photo: Ziggy Marley, Linda Booker, Ashley Koff and Brendan Brazier.

Hemp History Week is a national grassroots education campaign designed to renew strong support for hemp farming in the U.S through educational events, a national retailer program, a restaurant program, local grassroots events, hemp product sampling, media exposure and petition signing. Hemp History Week is an industry-wide project initiated by the Hemp Industries Association and Vote Hemp, involving hundreds of hemp manufacturers, farmers, activists, volunteers and retailers.


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